Photo by Laura Schneider

Photo by Laura Schneider

Who I Am

Photography is more than pretty pictures and perfect shots. It's a reflection of life and how we live, our world and the lens we see it through.

Stories are important to me. I've decided to write mine by continuously challenging myself to seek new adventures and to view what's familiar or cliché in a new light. I wear many hats: photographer, writer, electrical engineer, and marketer, living at my own unique intersection of artistry, creativity, and logic. I believe in doing what makes me happy and uplifting others so that they may have the chance to do the same. 

I want to capture your moments of incomprehensible joy and love on your wedding day, your family in its state of chaotic bliss, or your strength and resilience after overcoming an obstacle that seemed impossible to you. I want to instantly transport you to a place you've never seen or one you've seen a thousand times. I want to help you understand more about yourself and the people around you.

I want to tell your story.

Let's work together. Contact me.